Emera Energy’s power trading and scheduling teams provide marketing, logistical, analytical, financial and regulatory services to power generators and local distribution companies.

Our employees have extensive knowledge of the US northeast and Canadian electricity transmission and distribution networks. We offer 24/7 operational support, allowing us to respond quickly to your needs.  We manage over 3GW of third-party generation assets in multiple market areas.  We are market participants in the United States (ISO-NE, NYISO, PJM, MISO, SPP) and Canada (IESO).

Our trading business is 100% backed by Emera Inc.’s solid credit rating, offering our customers the financial stability of an investment grade counterparty.

Power Trading

  • Aware of current and future market conditions
  • Manage price risk and position exposure
  • Educate stakeholders on risks and opportunities in the market
  • Day Ahead and Real Time
  • Mid-marketing:  provide physical and financial market liquidity to third parties and ISO's
  • Assessing all hedging and optimization options 
  • Trading Power between ISO's
  • Spread Trading
  • Hedging and trading strategies
  • Standard Offer Service (SOS)

Energy Scheduling

  • Designing and implementing strategies to maximize facility margin and mitigate market risk
  • Optimization of generation assets
  • Day-ahead and real-time energy scheduling
  • Transmission portfolio management
  • Capacity Management
  • Ancillary services and auction participation 
  • Partnering with client’s gas and power trading teams to:
    • Manage DA and RT generation bids
    • Manager import/export and bilateral transactions

Physical Power

  • Physical products for power
  • Physical options
  • Tolling arrangements
  • Load serving
  • Heat Rate Call options

Market Intelligence

  • Market commentary
  • Northeast ISO power data collection and historical analysis

Accounting and Reporting Services

  • Profit and loss reporting
  • Regulatory reporting
  • Settlements Statement reconciliation and invoicing
  • Mark to market position management