Natural Gas

Emera Energy’s natural gas trading and scheduling teams provide marketing, logistical, analytical, accounting and reporting products and services to gas producers, power generators and local distribution companies.

Our employees have extensive knowledge of the eastern US and Canadian gas pipeline networks. We offer 24/7 gas control and operational support, allowing us to respond quickly to your needs.

We have proven logistical expertise on the following pipes: Algonquin, Columbia Gas, Dominion, Empire, Iroquois, Millennium, MNP Canada, MNP US, National Fuel, Panhandle, PNGTS, TC Energy, TGP, Transco, Union, Vector Canada and Vector US.  We are a leading provider of intraday gas on many of these pipelines.  We can provide products to assist our clients in hedging their gas requirements.

We currently have and/or manage storage assets throughout Eastern North America.

Our trading business is 100% backed by Emera Inc.’s solid credit rating, offering our customers the financial stability of an investment grade counterparty.

Gas Purchases and Sales

  • Pricing: daily or monthly index, NYMEX basis, Fixed price, Swaps
  • Term: intraday, day-ahead, term
  • Tolling arrangements


Asset Management Agreements

  • Nominations
  • Storage optimization services
  • Transportation management
  • Winter and summer peaking services


Market Intelligence

  • Market commentary
  • Pipeline flow data


Accounting and Reporting

  • Regulatory reporting
  • Statement reconciliation
  • Customized reporting and invoices