Environmental Management Systems

Emera Energy manages the environmental risks of its generating facilities through an Environmental Management System (EMS) that meets the ISO 14001 international standard.

An EMS is a set of tools and processes that allows a company to better manage environmental aspects of its business and improve performance. It’s an important way for a company to identify its environmental impacts, set goals to manage them, and plan how to meet and improve upon their performance.

Employees in our Operations group, along with environmental coordinators in our generating facilities, work with our Executive team to manage environmental risks and continually improve our management system. They track information about our environmental performance, monitor conformance with relevant practices and ensure we’re working within federal, provincial/state and municipal requirements.

Emera Energy and its employees are committed to meeting our business objectives in a manner which is protective of the environment and in compliance with legal requirements.


Environmental Policy

Click on the link to view a copy of our Environmental Policy.

Environmental Aspects

Environmental aspects are elements of company operations that have the potential to impact the environment.  A key component of the ISO 14001 approach is to identify environmental aspects, define through an objective process those that are significant and to develop approaches to manage impacts.  At Emera Energy the EMS is designed to manage the following aspects.

Air Quality issues such as:

  • Air Emission Limits for each facility
  • Market-based Allowance Trading programs for CO2 and SO2

Dangerous and Special Substances Management including:

  • Handling practices for ammonia for NOx control systems
  • Handling of oil and chemicals

Process Water and Wastewater Management

  • Water withdrawal for steam production and cooling water
  • Wastewater
  • Stormwater
  • Sewage

Solid Waste Management

  • Regular/universal solid waste
  • Biomass derived ash handling and reuse for soil amendment

Environmental Performance

Emera Energy continually meets its key environmental performance requirements, such as achieving compliance with regulatory discharge criteria for air and water, as well as achieving its own internally set targets for environmental performance.

Emera Energy also contributes to Emera Inc.’s growth strategy and particularly Emera’s strategic focus on more renewables and increased use of cleaner natural gas. For more information, see Emera's Annual Progress Reports.