Bayside Power


Bayside Power is a 290 MW gas-fired combined cycle power plant in Saint John, New Brunswick. Owned and operated by Emera Energy, Bayside is a key supplier of energy in New Brunswick and the northeast US. Considered the most thermally efficient unit in the Maritimes region, Bayside Power provides a flexible, low-emission solution that complements Emera’s operations in the region.


Bridgeport Energy, Rumford Power, Tiverton Power

In November of 2013, Emera acquired the fifth-largest natural gas generation portfolio in New England.

Bridgeport Energy, Rumford Power and Tiverton Power are high efficiency base load facilities that are well-positioned relative to other generation in the New England dispatch curve.

They are high quality, recent vintage, well-managed plants with strong historical availability, best-in-class technology and strong safety records. 


Bridgeport Energy is a 560 MW combined-cycle natural gas-fired power plant in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

    In July 2016, Bridgeport Energy added a 248 kW rooftop solar array onsite to supply renewable power to     the plant itself and improve the overall environmental position of the plant. Find out more.  



Rumford Power is a 265 MW combined-cycle natural gas-fired power plant in Rumford, Maine.



Tiverton Power is a 283 MW combined-cycle natural gas-fired power plant in Tiverton, Rhode Island.